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Libraries and Entertainment Centers

Creating “escapes” within your home is the newest trend in home remodeling, and many homeowners are finding new ways to create relaxing spaces at home. From fully customized spas to movie theaters, libraries and entertainment centers, and outdoor kitchens, there is no shortage of ways to escape in your home.

Home Librariesphoto

For the book lover, the home library is the ultimate escape. Almost any room in your home can be converted into a fully functioning library, complete with authentic card catalog and rolling wood later. Custom carpentry makes your library stand out, with finished wood shelving giving it a sophisticated air. In many neighborhoods, a home library can greatly increase the value of your home, attracting buyers who want both a sanctuary and a conversation starter.

Play Rooms

Children’s play rooms have evolved into mini-escapes onto themselves. From custom carved beds in the shape of castles, sliding boards and cars to reading nooks, play tents and built in swings. The only limits are your imagination when it comes to building a play room in your home. Start with quality craftsmanship and find the right woodworking experts to build shelving for hours of reading time, Victorian doll houses and realistic looking rocket ships.

Home Theater

Gone are the days of simply plopping down on the couch to watch a movie. Today’s homeowners want panache. The new home theater is fully customizable and includes real leather theater seats, projection screens and authentic concession stands. Outfit your home theater with movie posters, wood paneling and theater lighting. For the real movie experience, install a surround sound system to bring the action to life.

Entertainment Centers

Great for family rooms, entertainment centers hold everything you need for the full multimedia experience. These home accents can be custom built to match your home’s décor, and bring out the look and feel of your interior design. Choose from towering entertainment centers in real cherry or oak, or simply design a minimalist piece great for holding your television. A skilled carpenter can create the right entertainment center for your media needs.

Conference Rooms

Your office needs a bit of a boost when it comes to décor, and the conference room is the best place to start. A long, commanding conference table in solid wood is the centerpiece of the room, and can withstand years of use. Match your file cabinets, chairs and wall paneling for a finished look.

Creating an escape in your home or office is made simple through quality craftsmanship and design.