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Bathroom Vanities

photoBathroom Vanities – Woodwork in the Bathroom.
Some homeowners are more wary about woodwork in the bathroom because the levels of humidity and moisture are so high. But wood can also work in the bathroom. This can be especially seen in vanities made of solid wood. Indeed, some of these vanities have been converted from chests or tables that were once used elsewhere in the house. These vanities can be thoroughly modern and used to support vessel sinks or can be full of elaborate carvings. They can have sinks and countertops made of the highest quality marble or granite.

Also, as in the kitchen, shelving can be made of solid wood as can the cases of medicine chests and mirror frames. Pullout trays fitted into vanities can also be made of solid wood. Some people are also brave enough to install wooden flooring. A popular wood is mahogany, which not only has a rich look but can stand up to the conditions that are prevalent in a bathroom. But a homeowner will need to pay for mahogany’s durability as it’s expensive. Teak is another wood that might go well in a bathroom. It’s been used for many years as decking for ships. Again, other homeowners opt for bamboo if they want a wood look for their floor.

Finally, some homeowners who crave a Japanese style even opt for wood soaking tubs. These deep tubs are often made out of hinoki wood, which is a type of cypress.

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